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Album: N/A (2010)

Song: Mud & Nails

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SPATER is most often described as a PUNK/METAL band. Our influences range across the entire rock spectrum, but you can no doubt, hear plenty of old school punk and thrash in our style. Our music is not for everyone. But that o.k. by us. We're not trying to reach everyone, just those who want to ROCK. SPATER was formed in the spring of 1992 by Kevin. Kevin called his long time friend, Terry to join him in forming a METAL band. They started jamming with a couple of local guitar-nots. Eventually Kevin ran into Dave at a local mall. He had seen Dave in another band previously and had actually jammed with him once or twice. He invited Dave to try out for the band. At the time the name was spelled with two T's (SPATTER). They eventually dropped one "T" in the name because they felt that the logo at the time looked cooler like that. This has caused much confusion on how to pronounce the name. We pronounce it "SPATTER". Through the years, many a guitarist went through the band. It seemed they were destined to be a three piece band. Kelly Rittenhouse was originally hired on as a roadie, somewhere around 1994. Over time, through perseverance and dedication, Kelly began contributing artistically to the band and the song writing. He started out playing glockenspiel and singing back-up. Later, he bought a guitar and started jamming rhythm guitar to add a much needed filler guitar. Sadly, on September first, 2002, Kelly had to answer to a higher power. Later, Tim joined SPATER to complete the band as we know it today. Over the years SPATER has rocked a lot of places and people. It's not for the money (there is none). It's for the shear joy of jammin', rippin' it up in front of people.